API618 Reciprocating Compressors

SIAD compressors can compress all types of gas: inert, oxidising, toxic, explosive and corrosive.

Compressors are complete with electric motors, air or water heat exchangers, instrumentation, electrical panels and filters.

Engineered Services

  • Pulsation, acoustical, torsional, bending analysis.
  • Finite elements structural verification.
  • Fluid-dynamic verification.
  • Fatigue calculation.
  • Measurement and verification of vibration, ultrasonic, thermography, radiography.
  • Chemical, physical and metal particles oil analysis.

Software for Mechanical calculation

  • 3D modelling, static elastic FEM analysis, infinite life fatigue analysis;
  • Elastic bodies motion of the complete frame, static elasto-plastic FEM analysis;
  • Multiaxial fatigue analysis with the algorithm of Dang Van or Brown – Miller – Morrow.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software

  • The gas paths are studied by the computer with most advanced CFD software with the aim to reach at the same time a small clearance volume, for a greater volumetric efficiency, and large and well profiled passages for low pressure losses.

Applicable for the following sectors:

  • Refinery
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Food

Range of API 618 Reciprocating Compressors

Stage:    1-2-3-4-5-6

Maximum Suction Volume:    90 000 mᵌ/h (37 950 acfm)

Maximum Power:    8 700 kW (11 850 HP)

Maximum Delivery Pressure:    600 bar (a) (8 700 psig a)

Types of Cylinder Configuration:     Vertical, V, W, Horizontal


SIAD also offer Oil-free Reciprocating Compressors for PET Bottle blowing