Mechanical Valve Interlocks

Netherlocks valve interlocks eliminate human error by only allowing the right valves to be opened or closed in the correct sequence, leading operators safely through strict work procedures. Once the proper steps have been identified Netherlocks will supply mechanical valve interlocks that can be operated by means of a linear key. A Netherlocks valve interlock guides the operator through a predefined sequence with unique keys for each step.

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Intelligent Valve Interlock System

The Netherlocks intelligent valve interlock product range combines the reliable characteristics of a mechanical safety solution with new electronic features in various process applications. It allows communication and proofing and improves efficiency and safety.

  • ISI Touch Screen
  • Electronic Key Cabinet

An Electronic Key Cabinet enables integration of a stand-alone interlocking system into the overall process control system (DCS) or process safety system (SIS)

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Valve Interlock Applications

There are many applications where Netherlocks interlocking products are an added value by protecting people, the environment or company assets.

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Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

Netherlocks provides locks for all levels of safety. Their Lockout/Tagout range contains a variety of padlocks in different sizes and materials, and locking devices to temporarily lock a power source during maintenance.

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