Transfer Systems for Air and Oxygen

Körting transfer systems for air and oxygen consist of the following products:

  • Ejectors for waste water aeration
  • Ejectors for introducing gaseous oxygen
  • Jet pumps for pressurised dissolved air flotation
  • Jet pumps for de-acidification of potable water
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Transfer Systems for Ozone

Introducing of ozone into liquids is an excellent application of Körting jet pumps for ozone transfer.

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Venturi and Jet Scrubbers

Waste gas cleaning with Körting Venturi and jet scrubbers offers various possibilities to dedust waste gases.

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Swirl Droplet Separator (DTA)

Körting swirl droplet separators guarantee a clean and maintenance-free operation when gas flows shall be free of liquid content.

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Caustic Recovery Plants

Körting caustic recovery plants protect the environment and save money at the mercerizing machine in the textile industry.

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