Zonke Engineering was created in 1997 with a vision to create a local process equipment supply business with the focus on the supply of niche products.  Over the years the company has increased its service offering with the ability to add value to the customer through engineered equipment applications rather than acting as a supplier.

Zonke Engineering’s overriding philosophy is one of partnering with our clients to find the optimal solution to their technical requirements that allows us to provide customized solutions and reduce total cost of ownership, always adding to our clients’ bottom-line profits. Our network of contacts throughout the world allows us to source high quality engineering technology to provide value and solutions for our clients.


Our vision is to create a unique multi-disciplinary engineering supply company that provides a complete engineering service in  the heat, mass and fluid transfer industries, as well as supplying  niche industrial equipment, thereby providing a complete suite of services that gives Zonke the ability to assist our clients with more than just a piece of equipment.

Zonke has access to all the markets in the region, chosen alliances with our principals that are all globally based and the ability to be a “TRULY SOUTH AFRICAN COMPANY”

Corporate social investment initiatives have been a key imperative since inception for the Zonke owners and initiatives include the sponsoring of engineering bursaries, with the associated training following graduation of the engineers. Through our enterprise development program we also assist small fledgling engineering companies, which are owned by HDIs with the development of their businesses.

A core component of our business strategy is a commitment to giving previously disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to share in a successful company, with ongoing training, both in the technical and financial aspects of the business.


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