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FRC was established in 1979 and has over 40 years of experience in industrial wastewater treatment, focused mainly on the food, manufacturing, municipal and oil & gas industries. FRC was bought over by Sulzer Chemtech in 2018. FRC can provide a full turnkey solution, or it can provide single equipment pieces, dependent on the client’s needs.


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Pre-Screen CPI Unit Flocculator DAF Unit Sludge MBR / MBBR


-Rotary drum screens

  • Self-cleaning externally fed – suitable for oils & fats screening
  • Self-cleaning internally fed – suitable for high flows, low solids content

-Band screens

  • Suitable for fine solids removal >= 3mm

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CPI Unit

Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI)

  • Low capital cost
  • Low operating cost
  • Small footprint


  • Medium capitol cost
  • Low operating cost
  • Handles high oil loads


  • High capital and operating cost
  • Handles high oil and hydraulic loads

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Used for coagulation and flocculation of suspended solids to enhance separation

  • Uses static mixing, no moving parts
  • Multiple chemical injection ports
  • Can be made from various materials of construction as per client needs

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DAF Unit

Dissolved Air Flotation is used to remove COD, SS, and fats, oils and grease.


Belt press system includes chemical preparation, gravity thickening and belt press. The belt press system is stacked which creates a very small footprint.

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MBR and MBBR used for biological removal of BOD/COD, nitrogen, phosphorus.