Zonke Field Services provides site installation services/support for all Zonke related products. A competent team of highly skilled technicians are appointed to execute all associated work in a professional and safety conscious manner.

Our goal is to meet your requirements and challenges while providing the most cost effective solutions with the least amount of downtime, in any situation. This is achieved with the right combination of Project Management, Safety officer representation, local labour and overseas expertise.


Zonke Engineering together with MGH Equipment provides a full after sales service for repairing and maintaining all types of pumps and compressors.

The larger part of our business is presently in the petrochemical industry. This has resulted in us securing contracts for the overhaul of numerous pump sets, compressors, steam turbines and a variety of static equipment. Laser alignment and installation of new equipment is also a service we offer and has been popular amongst project engineering and maintenance teams.

MGH workshop is located in Pinetown KZN and covers an area of 550 square meters and are equipped to repair most pieces of equipment under 10 ton.

It has the necessary tooling and expertise to service most types of rotating equipment.

Our machine shop located on the premises ensures that some components we require can be manufactured promptly keeping repair time down to a minimum. All rotating elements are balanced to ISO specifications. Completed pumps are pressure tested before leaving the workshop.



  • Single Stage End Suction
  • Multi Stage
  • Multiphase
  • Gear
  • Screw
  • Hi-speed (Sundyne)
  • Vertical Spindle
  • Vacuum
  • Diaphragm Pumps
  • Horizontal Split


  • Reciprocation
  • Centrifugal
  • Turbo Machines


We are equipped with a Shenk balancing machine; the equipment will enable us to balance rotating equipment rotors to a maximum weight of 1.5 tons and a 750mm swing 1.5metre diameter. Shaft sizes from 12mm to 200mm diameter.

Laser Alignment

We are equipped with three laser alignment systems. Two machines are for shaft alignments and the third for V belt, tooth and gear alignments.

All alignments performed are stored in a database and a hard copy made available for the end user to file.

Reports will show alignment results, soft foot and tolerance requirements as per ISO recommendations. All shims used are stainless steel.


Local Cleaning of Vahterus Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers

Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers are fully cleanable and easy to maintain. There are various cleaning options, dependant on the fouling material, which Zonke Engineering’s trained and experienced technicians offer from one of our local workshops or on-site at your plant. These services include:

  • Mechanical Cleaning (High Pressure Water Jetting)
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Back Flushing

The entire cleaning process is much quicker and cost effective when compared to other heat exchanger technologies. The entire cleaning process is governed by a Quality Control Plan and a post cleaning report is issued for every unit cleaned.  Please see the below link for more information on cleaning and maintenance of Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers.

View a video here.

Local Training for Plant Operators & Maintenance Personnel

Zonke Engineering’s’ qualified and experienced process and mechanical engineers offer tailor-made training for both plant operators & maintenance personnel to optimise the performance and lower cost of ownership of each heat exchanger supplied.

Local Troubleshooting

With local, qualified process engineers specialising in heat transfer, heat exchanger operation and heat exchanger design, Zonke Engineering has the local capability to analyse your heat exchanger in relation to your process and implement changes (operational, design etc.) to improve the efficiency of your heat exchanger or to increase your maintenance interval.

Local on-site supervision during erection, start-up and commissioning.

Zonke Engineering’s local supervisors offer their supervision services during erection and commissioning of your plant. Our heat transfer specialists are present during commissioning to ensure your plant starts up smoothly and that you are fully satisfied.

Local Repair of Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers

Zonke Engineering’s trained and experienced engineers and technicians perform all repairs of Vahterus plate-packs at one our local repair facilities. This includes:

  • Inspection and Leak Detection
  • Local weld repairing of plate-pack (by local coded welders trained by Vahterus for specifically weld repairing of Vahterus plate-packs)
  • Quality Assurance