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Centrifugal Pumps.

This award winning Asian based company specializes in many different kinds of pumps for the water, natural gas, petrochemical, nuclear power, construction, mining, sewage and iron and steel industry. They have industry proven sound product which can be offered at a very interesting price point. Kaiquan manufacture amongst other desulfurization pumps, high pressure boiler feed pumps, high pressure injection pumps, cooling water pumps, low pressure injection pumps, slurry pumps and much more.


The following pumps are also available in Shanghai Kaiquan’s product range:

  • KQTLR Series Desulfurization Pumps
  • High Pressure Safety Injection Pump
  • Equipment Cooling Water Pump
  • Low Pressure Safety Injection Pump
  • CVCS Make-up Pumps
  • Containment Spray Pumps
  • AP1000Residual Heat Removal Pumps
  • KDB Series Horizontal Multi-stage Pumps
  • KDA Series Horizontal Multi-stage Pumps
  • Centrifugal Submersible Sewage Pump (WQ2000)
  • Axial/Mixed-flow Pumps ZQ/HQ
  • Vertical Axial/Mixed-flow Pump (HL,ZL)
  • Y(B)Q Series (Explosive-proof) Submerged Motor Pump for Mines
  • HVertical Diagonal Flow Pumps
  • ZLB(Q), HLB(Q) Vertical Half (Full) Adjustment Axial/Mixed-Flow Pumps
  • Diesel Fire Pump XBC
  • WZ Pressure Boosting and Stabilizing Type Water Supply Device for Fire Fighting
  • WFY Superimposed Water Supply Equipment
  • KQG Full-automatic Water Supply Device
  • KQF Full automatic Dual-mode Supply Device
  • ZWII Self-priming Sewage Pump
  • KZJ Series Slurry Pump
  • KD Series Mono-casing Slurry Pump
  • Submersible Agitator (WJ)
  • Centrifugal Submersible Sewage Pump (WQ2000)
  • Axis/Mixed-flow Pump ZQ/HQ
  • 2BVX, 2BVFSeries Water Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors Model: 2BVX-2BVF
  • Y(B)Q Series (Explosive-proof) Submerged Motor Pump for Mines Model: Y-B-Q
  • Water Ring Vacuum Pump 2BEX Model: 2BEX
  • Abrasion-proof Centrifugal Pumps for Coal Mines (MD-D) Model: MD-D
  • Constant Pressure Fire Pump Units (without control cabinet)
  • Horizontal Multi-stage Single-suction Centrifugal Pumps (KQDW)
  • Vertical Multi-stage Single-suction Centrifugal Pumps (KQDL)
  • Firefighting Pneumatic Water Supply Equipment (XQB)
  • High Speed Vertical Multi-stage Single-suction Fire Pump (XBD-DN)
  • Horizontal Multi-stage Single-suction Fire Pumps (XBD-DW)
  • Vertical Multi-stage Single-suction Fire Pumps (XBD-DL)
  • Tangent Horizontal Single-stage Single-suction Fire Pump (XBD-QW)
  • Tangent Vertical Single-stage Single-suction Fire Pumps (XBD-QL)
  • Vertical Single-stage Single-suction Fire Pumps (XBD-L)
  • Horizontal Single-stage Single-suction Fire Pumps (XBD-W)
  • Vertical Single-stage Single-suction Centrifugal Pump with Canned Motor (KQPL)
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